RN on probation, Help in how to broach the subject in interviews


I was blessed to be hired by a LTC since returning to nursing and on probation for -3 year agreement. I have a wonderful position performing woundcare for the majority of time while working there, I have eight months left till my agreement is completed-04/2015. Yes we have politics and problems like every other business, but I do my best to stay out of these problems, focus on the care I give and receive a paycheck.

I feel down today, because I applied at a local dialysis center, they offered me a job with more $$, opportunity, and then when I brought up my remaining probation time they said they would call me back. I appropriatly answered the question on the application about my license, but they didn't read that part.

Any suggestions on how to bring up the subject of being on probation, especially when they ask why what is it for? I answered truthfully without going into detail, "addiction." I never go into detail about how I became addicted because I don't want to seem blameful or pittiful. For as long as I have been sober and proud of this, I can still feel dirty and unwanted, especially when my husband calls later to ask how the interview went.


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Keep your head up. Be honest during interviews but do not volunteer the information unless asked. Once you are hired you can speak to the persons who must know for paperwork reasons. You are almost there and all of this will be behind you. I just completed TPAPN last week so it can be done. Be proud of your accomplishments thus far and know that you are a better healthier person and nurse. I was blessed and never ran into this problem. May be best to ride it out at the LTC facility until completion. You can do it. :nurse: