RN needs flexibility - no experience!!


after Rn graduation - had 2 babies and have been home with them since - havent really worked as a RN yet..just a doc's office while pregnant - nothing challenging. I am getting ready to get back out there and have no clue where to start - I have NO experience and I FEEL SCARED in that its been years since I have studied or even been around anything medical. Any advice? I also have to take my kids to school 12 to 2 everyday - I need flexibility - ANY good experiences with portamedic nursing? Any other positions or advice would be greatly appreciated! please nurses - Help


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You'll probably need to take an RN refresher course. I've been out of nursing for several years and I'm having trouble getting hired, and have been told a refresher course will help. Check with your state board of nursing for recommendations -they usually have good information on their websites. Most refresher courses are offered through local community colleges, but can be a little tough to find. You may also want to try and call hospitals in your area and ask nurse recruiters if they could recommend a refresher course. Good luck!

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