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I took a huge pay cut when my hospital decided to do away with their unit based 13 wk contracts and I had to take a staff position (making nearly $15.00 less an hour). Because of all the cut-backs in the hospital to save money, there really aren't many other higher paying positions that I can take. Problem is I am a mother of 2 school aged children and a 1 year-old and I can only work on my husband's days off. I would like to find an at home job for supplemental income. I was thinking medical transcription/coding. I also thought about maybe an evening job as a nurse instructor for nursing assistants certifications. My local community college offers short courses on transcriptioning/billing and nurse educators. Does anyone have this same kind of perdicament? or does anyone have any suggestions or advice? ( My husband makes an okay wage but his hours have been majorly cut back and we're constantly worried that his company may lay him off.)


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I think your ideas are right on. What's more important is to consider how long you might need this extra income, can you stay with your current employer, and, of all of your ideas, which would you most wan to do. When you figure that out, you'll feel better.

Good luck to you!

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