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RN Exit HESI next week!!

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I'm terrified of this thing!!! Our program does not have different HESI tests by subject, it is just one at the end of every semester.

My scores have been 805, 859, 991. My EXIT is next week and now that we HAVE to make an 850, I feel like I can't do it.

First of all, I have way too many resources. Our school required us to do the live review so I did the Kaplan but pushed that aside until after graduation for NCLEX. (I have done 4 question trainers - score range from 53%-61%)

I am doing multiple case studies a day.

Reading green HESI book

Evolve questions randomly throughout the day.

Writing the rationales from the evolve exit practice test.(got a 54%) I noticed it is heavy psych, cardiac, and professionalism.

Yourbestgrade - this thing is what has me scared. I have taken two practice exams and cant make above a 750!!

Basically we get two chances to take it. If we don't pass it on the first try, we cannot walk at graduation or participate in the pinning ceremony (that I planned for the class!!)

Has anyone had a similar experience?

My previous scores - 805, 879, 991*

Hi there!! So my school has the same requirement .. you must pass with an 850 to get your degree and walk and get transcripts released and all that . I went to university of San Francisco which is known to be a super rigorous 4 year program . HESI was definitely my issue . I actually had to take it 5 times believe it or not and they would not let me receive my degree without it . The worst part was I kept scoring high but not high enough . 843, 834... it was one of the toughest times of my life . My main issue was test anxiety though and believe me it's REAL . It got so bad for me I had to get a prescription for a beta blocker which I'm sure you know .. Propanolol. There are studies that show that it significantly improves test performance in high stress situations . I finally passed once I was able to get my stress and nerves under control . With that being said , I studied my butt off and worked on strategies and really broke down practice questions and read ALL rationales , even ones you get right because your able to better break down the test and system that they have . Practice questions are key and using sources from evolve since they share information with HESI is also wise to do . Best of luck to you! Remember be calm , confident , and don't stress when you come across a difficult question . It's all about how you approach it!