RN @ County Jail - what are minimum standards?

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Can anyone give me their opinion of what inmates are entitled to at county jails in CA?  I've been at a county jail for past few years, getting feedback that I was doing an exceptional job.  I have a new manager who has very little clinical (or management) experience.  My manager is requiring an HR meeting now after he told me I was being too detailed in my assessments and charting. He says the jail inmates are to receive the minimum amount of care. He said mine wasn't a job to "go above and beyond".  I do all the scheduled nurse sick calls on one day of the week, Saturday, and our on-site provider does NP sick call one other day. There are no nurse sick calls on other days because the manager doesn't allow for this. He is now telling me I am doing too much for the patients, and I feel like I am being gaslighted. I am really confused and I have no one to ask because the regional manager is not interested. Anyone out there who can give me an opinion?

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