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hello everyone,

i am currently seeking a reliable company that will hire new rn coders. i will be completing my medical coding program shortly and need to know if anyone has any good references. i do want to remain independent as a rn plus, i am a case manager. please let me know your thoughts and any leads.

thanks, :)

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I am an RN,CPC. I love it!!! I work for an insurance company auditing and teaching docs how to code. What state do you live in?

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To AimeepawsRN:

Its so nice to hear that someone loves what they do!! :D

I am an RN and am interested in becoming an RN-Coder so that I can possibly take care of my husbands billing/coding (he is a self-employed NP), after a couple of years of experience. Either that or find part-time employment as a coder, and keep my part-time nursing job. I am considering either my local community college or the AAPC online program for CPC certification. Someone at AAPC told me they do have externships available in some areas but would not tell me if the opportunity is available in my area, until after I have taken their class and passed the exam. I am most concerned about how I will be able to get a job to gain experience.

Do you have any thoughts as to which would be best (community college vs AAPC program) considering I have no coding experience? Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

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