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I am an RN BSN and I have been in nursing (bedside) for about 6 years now. I am starting to believe that nursing just isn't for me.:confused: I have worked in pedicatrics, medicine and psychiatry. I really can't stand working at the bedside not because of the patients but more so because of the shortage in bedside nursing. I am one person doing a 5 man job. :crying2: The shortage is just getting worse especially because of budget cuts. Management won't even come on the floor and help even at it's worst times. I work for a city hospital in NY and the culture of the hospital seems to be the worst. As a young nurse I feel like there is absolutely no room for advancement unless I want to go into Managent (Head nurse, Asst. HN, ADN, supervisor etc). I am not interested in any of those paths.

During the time I was in school I learned about how great nursing is because of the many paths one can take. Sooo, my question is..Is there a nursing path for RN,BSN to Speech pathology? Would it be worth it to go in that direction?

What other pathways are available?

All suggestions and opinios are greatly appreciated...please help:confused:

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I suspect that the only path that will take you to Speach Pathology will involve going back to school and studying Speach Pathology. Have you talked with Speach Pathologists and/or schools that have Speach Pathology programs?

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