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RN-BSN @ WGU...yay or nay?

Hello! So Im finishing the ADN program this May 2017 and plan to continue on for my BSN. I'm highly considering WGU as the college I'll attend. I've read countless good things about them and have personal references that say it was the best! With all that said I have a couple questions:

1) How long, if at all, did you wait after completing your ADN program before starting the BSN program? I'm torn on whether or not to take a small break so I can focus on my new job or to just dive right in? What did you do/what do you recommend?

2) Also, I'm fairly confident that all of my transfer credits will be accepted (API/II, micro, psych, english I/II, college algebra, speech, etc etc..i.e. all the bare minimum pre-reqs required for the ADN program) ..at least I don't have a reason to doubt they will. Have any of you had issues with this? Bare in mind I started these classes in August 2013 so they're fairly new. But I anticipate having to take Stats, biochem, and nutrition...is there anything else I'm missing "pre-req" wise? I also heard that WGU does not require 2 foreign languages like a lot of universities, is this true??

3) And if you had to take pre-reqs along with core nursing classes how did that work? did you have to take them first? Were they traditional type classes with assigned reading and exams? Or were they competency based like the rest of the classes are??? Also, how long did it take you all together??

Any insight and advice is greatly appreciated!


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