I am looking for an RN to BSN program in the midwest (currently live in Iowa but will be moving to Nebraska) I would love to find a program that is totally online, any suggestions???? Also are there programs that don't require a clinical component? Thanks in advance!


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My RN-BSN program was through Regis University, Denver Colorado. I was very pleased with the quality of instruction, and they used more of my formerly-earned credits than any other school that I researched at the time (2006).

The clinical component is a part of any BSN degree path. I spent one 40-hour week with a local school nurse for my Community practicum, and another 40-hour week with a peds neuro NP, for the Advanced Practicum. Both experiences provided invaluable opportunities for my growth and expansion, and the added bonus was I got to experience nursing in areas other than my own experience, which was cool.

This was a very do-able program, high quality, and relatively cheap, as far as accredited online BSN degrees are currently. I was so happy with them, that I've started my MS degree program with them, and it's every bit the quality experience that I had with the BSN program.:nuke:

Best of luck to you in furthering your education! The BSN degree has opened many doors for me, that I'd not expected, so it is definitely worth your while. I did the program in 14 months.


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