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RN - BSN program


I'm finishing my RN (ADN) this may and will be applying to RN-BSN online programs. I live in the Boston area (not sure if that matters). I am considering UMass Boston and Chamberlin. I was wondering if anyone knows if one would look better to employers than the other. I would go to UMass from my own perception of their good reputation (nothing against Chamberlin, I just don't know) However, UMass would take me 1 & 1/2 to possibly 2 years to complete, and I would be able to complete Chamberlin in 12 months due to the transfer credits of mine they're accepting and the schedule they offer.

If anyone knows if it would be a significant (or even a slight) difference to employers of where I receive my RN-BSN online degree, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Thanks.