RN - BSN Online, please help


Hi, I want to do RN-BSN online and I'm looking for a collage that will transfer all my prerequisites, I'e. general classes required for BSN. I also have to mention I hate wring stupid "long" papers, if you know what I mean. I don't mind wring few papers here and then, BUT NOT 10 to 20 pages papers. Also cost effective, Please guys, help me with any information. I will really appreciate any helpful information. Also, I went to Keiser University and over-paid $2,000 now they can't refund me that money instead I'm forced to take a class instead for that balance, I need to take a class like Stats with them that will transfer towards my BSN with another collage, any advice on what other class is MANDATORY for BSN program? Knowing the list of classes to take for my BSN will put me in a better position to know what class I can take with Keiser for my $2k. Sorry I can't do BSN with Keiser, it's 2 years and very expensive.


I have already taken: Math, A&P I and II, Microbiology, Psychology, Sociology, Pathophysiology, Eng Writting etc.... And I'm hoping to transfer these classes toward BSN, if required. I also have an associate degree in Medical Lab Science.

Guys, Please help me, please don't give up on me, lol. Love you :))