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I really really dreaded the need for BSN degree, I looked up gazillion of programs, and prerequisites, and demands, and how long it would take and how much would I pay, and I contacted some. Some programs called sooner than others back told me they will need time to evaluate, after that they can sign me in class starting so many more months later. Till someone told me about NUC, (do not mistaken it for National University. I am really talking about NATIONAL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, which is in Puerto Rico), I would have wish someone would have told me earlier, and I would wish I was able to find some information from other students when I was researched about this program - and as there is nothing, I decided to share my experience so if anyone is in my shoes knows what to expect. And yes it is accredited, it is same as if the program is in USA, it is accepted. In Puerto Rico main language is Spanish, but everyone at school speaks English, teachers speaks English but because majority of students speaks Spanish classes are usually in Spanish. That said, it would be super easy for any Spanish speaking nurses, but I did it and I am not Spanish speaking. If few people who are English speakers only will be interested, they told me they would run classes in English only for those people.

So I did this extremely good experience and I wanted to share the information as someone shared with me. Hopefully it will help someone.

I was completely surprised by how fast I have been taken care of. Almost immediately. One thing extra they did wanted though was a proof of high school. They started me basically "right away" as classes starts every two months. Truth is, they do not let you for this program to transfer any credits or test out even if you had let's say general chem II, you still have to take their general chemistry. You have to take all classes. Yes, you still have to take that English class too. (some people on the other line of the phone did not realize that this program has different condition and told me I can transfer those classes. NO I could not and that is the truth.) It was the easy part to retake classes I already knew, the last classes - little advice, I think taking the last two classes together is better, but don't have anything else planned as part of the education is to do 45 hours of community volunteering in either home health, nursing home or such there are stipulations and conditions to it, (they must have BSN willing to supervise you and when I was looking for placement - they either did not have a BSN nurse, or so). (If you will have any questions, I will be glad to help you, as I wish I would have any source). Classes are otherwise all online in Canvas. (I did not know Canvas so a bit frustration there, but it was easy to use! and thanks to translator on my PC anything that was in Spanish was automatically turned into English) I had a professor who wanted any discussions to be in Spanish which I wrote in English and then used the online translator and turned it in Spanish and posted it. School kept in touch with me, if there was issue they always worked it out. The thing is to communicate, communicate. They really try to satisfy whatever you need (transcripts, certificate in English) it just sometimes need a patience as remember - it is its own country sort of, things works differently there. So time flied and I was done as I hoped I would be, since the first phone call to the graduation = there is not such a program in USA mainland that would be able to do it that efficiently and fast, even if school in USA advertise the 9 months - with prerequisites it is still much much longer than what it took me in National University College. As fast as this was done, sometimes I had to wait a bit for transcripts or for example the diploma printing takes a time, (but they give the certificate confirmation meanwhile). Also I needed one thing for my Master program and to speed it up I did fly to Puerto Rico to sign off on stuff in person - it was my situation specific and I don't thing you would need to do it. Even with that little vacation there it still did cost me less. And I must say from what I researched and compared - the price of this program was irresistible. And I must still say, uff I am so happy I am done and going for my Masters soon.

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