RN to BSN and beyond programs in Maryland....

U.S.A. Maryland


I graduated in the fall and know this is the next step, so I gotta suck it up now or I I'll procrastinate the years away......

I have reviewed the various programs (and cost ahhhhhhhhhhhh) of the RN to BSN programs in the state and various programs online (both "online schools" and brick and mortar programs online...) While everyone raves about online programs and I understand their upside for many students, I just don't think it is for me. Not having direct contact with my professors, sometimes pointless busy work, is just not going to work for me. This basically leaves me with the programs in the state (I live in Howard County now and will be in this area for the foreseeable future).

While I love Stevenson's program format (1 class/time, accelerated, hybrid....) I most definitely do not like their price.....While UM use to accept CLEP exams (of which I already have 2 for pre-req's), they no longer do. With Stevenson, I can CLEP out of my remaining courses (2-3, need to get eval)...which is appealing. I assume that Towson and Notre Dame would be comparable as far as admissions goes. UM, on the other hand, seems a little more competitive. (Is the RN to BSN competitive?.....I goofed off before my nursing program....pretty bad....but only had 1 B in nursing school). I love the courses offered at Maryland compared to the others because they seem more science based and less....health promotions, community health, bla bla....not my thing! I'd rather take pharmacology and statistics all day long....and tests.....not papers (I kno I kno....not going to happen :-( )

There are many options I would consider after my BSN (I like so many things...except management or teaching students lol) so it is important that I do well wherever I end up while still working fulltime.....(no kids)

Anyway.....I'd like to open this up to MARYLAND ppl only....and would welcome insight from any current or post-grads from any of the state programs. Online options as well (UMD) because I know others would be interested....

General Info: Why you chose the program, hours you put in a week, how you performed, how much you've learned, professors, admissions....etc.

I went on rambling for way too long, sorry! And thank you in advance!


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