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RN with BON investigation applying for APRN


Has 12 years experience.

I had complaints reported to the board and an investigation is being "conducted". I have been waiting for response for some time now. Prior to the complaints I started FNP school and I am curious how applying for an APRN license will work if the investigation is still open.

To not go into much detail, there was a nasty separation with my employer. Upon notification of the complaint, I requested and received all the information they would provide me with. There were numerous "mitigating factors" involved within the system and policies/procedures that "should" be factored into the decision. I explained all in great detail. There was no patient harm. Several paper vs. electronic documentation discrepancies regarding medication names due to unfamiliarity of electronic system. ALL paper documentation included correct medication information. There has been no response since.

I have had anxiety since childhood and I have been scouring the internet for days. I have read very few success stories (2) and ZERO praises about the TXBON. I am literally being eaten up inside each day fearing the unknown. I regret not getting a lawyer and am now heavily considering it because I can't afford to lose my license.

No offense, but when I compare the complaints made against me to those of nurses who have admitted addiction or have been repeat offenders of substance abuse I try to find reassurance. Surely, if an addict nurse or a nurse with DUIs can be provided the opportunity to continue nursing then my license should be "safe".

Can I apply for my APRN? I will have to submit a letter I assume regarding the pending investigation. Should I make every attempt to speed up the process despite the known lengthy process? How do I put it out of my mind and live? I'am starting to see how people spiral out of control when their career "collapses" and they can not provide for their family. I am not suicidal, but I see where the humiliation, fear of the unknown, and sense of failure can take a toll on someone.