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Iam an RN working in Indiana. In Jan I went from staff Rn to Rn Analyst. Another Rn and myself were hired to the Information Services dept. as full time employees working on a temporary project. Both of us veterans in hosp with many years of nursing knowledge.

Due to our present computer system being sunseted, our hosp purchased a new computer system. With this new package computerized clinical documentation is offered. My job is to put our current paper charting to computer. The software company educated my partner and myself to use the tools so we could build the computerized screens for our nurse charting.

We recently have been told that we are now permanent employees on this project. We were also encouraged to maintain our nursing knowledge and certifications, and that the dept would help us do that.

Since there is not a job class for Rn Analyst at our hosp. (The only place right now that does clinical documentation is our labor and delivery area. One person has done the main build of that system with the help of a few part time helpers from the area). At this time there is not a starting salary or top of scale for this line of work. My co-work and myself are trying to establish some grounds. We really need some input on salaries for jobs simular to ours. We would like to get some ranges to present from the midwest area, that would be fair. We have found that we are building a system and training the educator and she makes more money that us. Is there anyone that can give us some insite. We feel that we should acquire the top of scale for Rn nursing and a % for our computer knowledge? Are we reaching for the stars? We really need pay ranges to substantiate our cause.

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Your salary should be within the same range as first level and above nurse managers. Exactly what depends on how much responsibility you carry and how big the organization. I doubt you could match the VP of patient services unless you have an equivalent managerial position. In general, you don't get extra money for computer knowledge, no more than the nurse educator gets extra money for their knowledge of education methods, no more than the nurse manager gets extra money for their knowledge of management theory. Try posting the question on the amia list server for nursing informatics for more specific amounts: http://mailman.amia.org/mailman/listinfo/nrsing-l. If your job required you to be an RN and not have a technical degree, then you are hired into a nursing position. Don't expect your salaries to be in line with those of with technical degrees in technical positions.

You might want to try the site www.salary.com. It has a vast amount of information such as salaries in particular geographical areas, job descriptions, and someone to field e-mail and answer questions. Hope this helps.

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