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Riverview Closure, good or bad.

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:welcome: I started working as a contingent nurse in 1990's. I stayed there for about 6 yrs. I returned last yr., as a contingent,:) :) . I alway enjoyed working @ Riverview, L&D, Med/Surg through agency & there Rehab nurses were great. I heard that rather Karmanos buy Riverview or not, They were closing in June, 07.

Riverview has always had financial issues. You know what I say about hospital's & what they say about lack of finances, SOMEONE DON'T KNOW HOW TO MANAGE THE MONEY OR SOMEONE IS PUTTING MORE MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS THAT OTHERS CAN'T SEE.

DMC should be shame :nono: , AS MUCH DIRT AS THEY HAVE DONE TO OTHERS IN BUSINESS. DMC'S are dirty. I pray that they have gotten better.

I did some agency work at Karmanos Center. It was great. The nurses were professional, loving, caring &

compassion. I felt honored , I was told the nurse manager was selected with who worked on those unit.


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juan de la cruz is a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in APRN, Adult Critical Care.

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I think Riverview's impending closure is a sad reflection of the state of health care in our state. Detroit hospitals have been dropping like flies in the past years and now Riverview is becoming the next casualty. It all boils down to big health systems trying to grab the affluent and well-insured market - remember, there are 2 new state-of-the art and hotel-like hospitals being built in the suburbs of Novi and West Bloomfield at the moment. Also, Bon Secours Health System in affluent Grosse Pointe wasn't doing well financially and was on the verge of closing as well. However, there was no shortage of offers from the big health systems to acquire the ailing hospital knowing that the kind of patients they can capture in the hospital's service area can bring them big bucks.

However, as a nurse that once worked for the DMC, there is truth in what you're saying that the DMC never gets their act together. It's always messy down there.

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