Riverside vs. Sentara

U.S.A. Virginia


GENERALLY speaking, which one pays new grads more: Riverside Regional Medical Center, Sentara Careplex, or Sentara Norfolk General?

What can you tell me about the environment at each (nurse/patient ratios, culture, dress code, availability of important supplies--flushes, lifts, linen, etc.)

What about the benefits (shift differentials, insurance, company discounts, childcare, etc.)?

If you have worked at more than one of these places or more than one unit at one of these places, what are your thoughts or recommendations for new grads?

Is there anywhere that you do or do not highly recommend?

Thank you!

The only hospital that doesn't have a set color based on job is CHKD.

RRMC has a gorgeous new SICU and are remodeling their MICU.

They have L&D and a Level 2 nursery.

SCP is a very modern hospital. Their L&D is just about to open.

They have a good cardiac unit.

SNGH is a HUGE hospital.

They take all high-risk L&D patients and have a Level 2 nursery.

Their heart hospital is amazing.

They have a burn/trauma ICU, neuro ICU, two general ICUs, vascular ICU, cardiac ICU, cardiac surgical ICU, and a step-down ventilator ICU.

They do a lot of research.

They are the regional Level I trauma hospital.

Culture varies not only from hospital to hospital but unit to unit.

I did extensive clinical rotations at these hospitals and at no time did I see a lack of availability for basic supplies, linens, etc.

Sentara facilities are weird about weekend shift diff. If you are not assigned to weekends but pick up a weekend, you do NOT get the weekend diff.

**Not a nurse but an RRT.

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