Riverside College of Health Careers Practical Nursing

U.S.A. Virginia



I am trying to connect or get current feedback on Riverside College of Heath - Practical Nursing Program, in Newport News. I'm currently working on my application for the Practical Nursing and plan to mail it out soon but am a bit confused because on the website it didn't state any college pre-reqs, however on the application it said to include all college transcripts. Can anyone share their overall experience into the Practical Nursing Program or if they are applying for the August 2017 session. Thank you in advance! Any and all info is appreciated!

I am applying to the Professional Nursing program but i saw this and wanted to really help out! I went and took a look at it their 2017-2018 RCHC Catalog and on page 15 it shows what each program requires to enter their program. Here is the link. I believe they want your college transcripts maybe just to see where you are and what you've taken. You're also required to take a test called the Teas and you have to score above a 56.0%. High school GPA has to be over a 2.0


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