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Risk Management?

Hello again.

I noticed a position for Risk Manager in my hospital, does anyone know what that entails, exactly?

Anyone here ever do that work? I have legal experience as well as nursing experience.


Specializes in ER, Teaching, HH, CM, QC, OB, LTC.

I've not been a RM before but worked in Standards Management with the RM as part of the team (PIC).

In the hospital she reviewed all pt care issues concerning injury or potential injury (high risk procedures), National Patient Safety Goals from JCAHO, & worked very closely with the Safety Officer & that committee in making Eviromential rounds in all parts of the hospital. Reviewed indicdent reports...

At the time I applied for the postion in this department I asked for a copy of the job description, that way I knew a little better what they would need in the person taking the job. Maybe you can get info that way...

best of luck!!!


Thanks! I figured it entailed those things (plus more, I am sure)

I think I will get in touch with HR and see what the deal is.


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