Rio Salado's 8week vs 16week Bio courses and labs? Bio156 vs Bio181?


Oops, looks like most of my questions were already answered (didn't see a delete post button?)

Anyone have recent experience with the accelerated BIO 156 and BIO 202 courses?

Since I've got the heaviest load up front and I'm new to Rio's science courses and labs, I'll probably skip the accel. 156 course but the accel. 202 (A&P II) course is attractive since it's the last and sole class of the pre-reqs.

Here's what the load looks like with Rio:

First round:

BIO 156 (looks like there's a lab for this class too)




next semester:

Bio 201 & Bio 205

next semester:

Bio 202

The lab info didn't seem to give any firm date/time info. It did mention "probably Saturday" in the syllabus but that seems vague :idea: Hopefully it's do-able.. can't wait to get onto the good stuff :)

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