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Has anyone applied to Reading hospital school of nursing? Any luck getting in?

Jolie, BSN

Has 34 years experience. Specializes in Maternal - Child Health.

I don't know anything about their SON, but I was offered a job in OB there a number of years ago. I turned it down, as the entire medical center seemed to be a little bit behind the times. The people were very nice, but seemed to be functioning in a time warp. Things may have changed since then (1990's). Good luck!

As a matter of fact; I'm a student there right now! I'm just about to finish my first year!

When I took a tour (about 2 years ago); I too thought that they were a little "behind the times" when it came to the dorms, labs and so forth. RHSN has been in operation since the 1800's and I thought some of the lecture halls reflected that! lol BUT; the experiences that I've had there are totally different! The school may be old (and depending on when you will start--they are building a new Nursing school--I think groundbreaking is this summer) but I've learned that the resources are still there. For one thing; you are a part of a teaching hospital---so from week one you are out on the hospital unit dealing with real patients and real situations! The students who come in from the local community college go through months and months of their nursing program before they even do a clinical in our hospital. Don't let the scenery fool you; I've learned more in my first year than I could ever have imagined I would!

I know that each year there is a pretty long waiting list to get in; I learned the hard way-----I waited too long and couldn't get in when I wanted to (I had to wait until last fall.) I'm not sure how old you are or what your background knowledge is in the healthcar field; but be prepared to buckle in----because it is a 2 year accelerated program; it is VERY hard. I knew that going back to school at age 33 with 3 kids and a hubby wouldn't be easy; but I was totally unprepared for the whirlwind ride that I have been on.

My advice to you is that if you apply and get put on the waiting list; take all of your general courses like Psychology, A & P I and II, Microbiology, English, Nutrition, and Lifespan Psych in the meantime. It really makes alot of sense--because you will need all the time you can dedicate to the Nursing courses. I didn't do that and I'm paying for it now!!! I don't want to discourage anyone from attending RHSON, but it is a very intense program. We started with 131 students last Aug and are now down to roughly 89. Most couldn't make it past the general nursing courses!

I wish you luck whatever you decide to do! If you do happen to get in---let me know!!!

Thank you Jolie and Jennielynn for writing back!!

I just graduated high school this June, and was looking for a nursing program. I tried RHSON last yr to see what would be my chances to get in for 2005. They told me that I wouldnt get in because I didnt have a chemistry with a lab. I took chem and everything in school but it didnt have a lab ,so I didnt qualify for reading hospital for 2005. So i am going to be taking courses at RACC ( adv. reading, algebra 1, chemistry and Eng Comp.) I cant get into Racc's nursing program either for 2005.

I got an application to RHSON last week, so i am going to be sending it in this week, so hopefully i will know if i got in or not.

Jennielynn, how long were you on the waiting list? Would i have a good chance in getting in?

I applied in the fall of 2002 for the 2003-2004 class. But I too, had to go to RACC and take a course--just because I didn't have any courses that were transferable from my college years way back in the early 1990's. So, they couldn't accept me until that course was finished; which was May of 2003 and by that time the class was full. I was like #23 on the waiting list or something. SO--I didn't actually start until the following year; August of 2004. I know the class is full already for this August; but if you apply as soon as you get that Chem with lab (or whatever you have to do) out of the way--you might get in for next August! Like I said before---if you don't get in right away--just keep taking those general ed courses to get them out of the way and you'll have less stress when you do go through the Nursing program. The only bad thing about that is sometimes when you take those classes at RACC--they have a bunch of prerquisites that you have to take first. I'm going over to RACC to clep my English course for the fall semester so I'll have one less class!

I hope this information helps you!!! I look forward to hearing from you again. Good luck!

Hi there,

Can you enlighten me as to what they based your acceptance on? I was under the impression that they based it on existing GPA and the interview process but when I spoke with their recruiter today she mentioned the TEAS. I took the NET trying to get into Delaware County Community College's program for this fall and am #30 on their day program waiting list (oh did I mention they only have 32 seats??). I discovered RHSN just a few days ago, but I'm wondering what my chances are of getting in. Did you submit your application and other paperwork and then they contacted you to take the TEAS? I'm somewhat confused with the process.

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