CNA Course at CCRI

  1. Hello,

    I am scheduled to take the CNA test (CCRI) in a few weeks, has anyone out there taken it lately?
    What is on it? Anything in particular I should be studying?
    Once I get into the course, do you have any suggestion on the best way to study for the state exam?
    Or other material I should study, beside the book and workbook they give to you?
    I've been out of school for quite a number of years.
    Any suggestions are most welcome.
    And I thank you in advance for your insight.
    Thank you
    Pamela C
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  3. by   MrsPeep
    Hey there!
    I'm currently in the CCRI CNA course...

    The pretest was very easy! It's just a reading comprehension test. I think there were 50 questions, and they'll correct it right there. I believe you need to get 45 out of 50 to be accepted? I forget, but they'll let you know. If you google CNA reading comprehension tests, I'm sure you can find some good practice tests, just to get you familiar with the format, but I found it to be pretty easy.

    Once you pass the reading test, they will give you a form you need to have filled out by your doctor. You'll also need to get a BCI (background check) from the Attorney General's office. Once you get all of that and send it back in, you'll get a letter in the mail telling you when the next sign up for class will be. Get there EARLY! They fill up so quickly, and you'll need to be there very early to make sure you get your spot!

    The class is pretty intense, you'll really just have to study what the instructor tells you to focus on, and practice the skills you learn in lab, that's the key. Good luck!
  4. by   Pamela C
    Thank you Mrs.Peep
    for all your information
    Is getting the background check a big hassle through the AG office
    Guess the key is to study and study more and pay attention to the instructor/
    Thanks so much
    Pamela C
  5. by   MrsPeep
    You really do have to study and focus on what the instructor tells you! There's a ton of info in the books, so they'll help you narrow it down to what you should concentrate on. There are a lot of medical abbreviations on the tests as well, so learning those is also essential. The lab is also very intense, but you just need to keep practicing the skills. It's pretty easy to get the BCI check. I know you can go down to get one, but it's just as easy to do it through the mail! That's how I did mine just send them a notarized letter saying you want a copy of your BCI, a copy of your driver's license, a check for 5$ and a self-addressed stamped envelope, and you should have it back within a week! It only lasts four months, so I had to do one when I submitted my original application, and I just did another so I can start clinicals in a few weeks. The sooner you get the BCI and the form (that you'll get the day of the test) filled out by your doctor, the quicker you'll get a letter for sign up.
  6. by   Pamela C
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
  7. by   ILoveMyBirds
    MrsPeep how early do you suggest we should arrive to sign up?? I just mailed my physical form and bci.. waiting now for them to mail me the next sign up date. I really want to get into the next class!!
  8. by   MrsPeep
    I'd get there pretty early. If the signup starts at 9, people started showing up at 7:30 when I signed up! Good luck ladies!
  9. by   Pamela C
    Update on CCRI CNA Pre test;
    I passed!!!
    I believe the test description says 10 AM to 12 N
    But the test is only 50 or 55 mins.
    A lot of people did not finish-
    50 questions and you can only get 11 wrong
    After passing the pre test, BCI check (got that done)
    2 TB test 2 weeks apart (need to get the 2nd one) and also see if it is in my MR on my MMR injection, if not will have to go and get another type of test and then the application will be complete and then I can submit it.
    So if you want to be ahead of the game if planning on the CNA program, check to see what you need to have (MMR, TB) info sheet on CCRI website,
    Pamela c
  10. by   crazensweet
    Congrats Pamela that's really good news!!!
  11. by   bluesniffles
    Pamela that is GREAT !!! Are you in the CNA class now at Knight campus ? I just signed up yesterday to take the pre-test at CCRI Dec 5. I am soo nervous Do u remember what type of questions the test asked ? I already don't understand what is going to be required in this test Any help would be great ! Thank u so much
  12. by   MrsPeep
    Congrats to Pamela! I just noticed your update.

    The pre-test is really easy. Just a lot of reading comprehension. Take your time and you'll be fine!
  13. by   Pamela C
    On the pre test keep track of the time it is not 2 hrs.
    Sample question would go like this;
    Mrs. Smith loves to garden, she has been interested in it since she was sixteen
    she has even though of writing a book about her love of garden and flowers.
    (It will be longer)
    a. Mrs. Smith wants to be a teenager again
    b. Mrs. Smith want a job in a library
    c. Mrs. Smith likes dirt under her nails
    d. Mrs. Smith would like to work in a florist shop

    d- would be the best for this question

    Also I was told, after the fact, that when in doubt pick C or the longest answer, and if two answers are right the correct answer is probably D (all of the above)

    I am going to Lincoln (nights)

    There is a quiz (80 questions and then a few more thrown in) about every 2 weeks on the chapters you have covered, you have to get a 75 or you are out of the program. Total of 4 then clinical then final exam and then the state exam. Stressful, so you live with that every 2 weeks.

    Check out the web sight

    I can also give you the DVD that is in the book that you get when you register for the class, that can get you started and a few other info things
    If you are interested let me know and we can meet or I can mail it to you. The info I can do with email mostly the diagnosis that you need to learn, but would do it with your home email and not on this forum.

    Hey I haven't been back to school in over 30 years, and I passed the pretest, and you will to

    Wishing you the best
  14. by   morgain C
    Hello everyone,
    Im trying to get in the CNA program. but im stressing about the pre-test. My reading comp is not so good. is there any good websites besides the one that has been told on here. I had taken this course in GA but i wasnt smart and didnt take the state test so now i have to take the course over again. i would very much like all you all help thanks