Returning to work after 2 years


Hi all,

I am a foreign Nurse who completed my NCLEX_RN and registered with state of NewMexico ,I live in Phoenix,AZ. I had 8years of experience.I came to US two years back in 2008 and because of visa status I was not working,now I got a work visa. But I do not know how and where to start looking for a job? Reading all the forums and job shortage really frightens me, I went through a lot to get this work status in adream of persuing my career,but now I am scared on seeing the situation of Nurses who are seeking jobs..

Can anyone please enlighten me how to equip myself to get into the stream?

How to start my job search? is this 2 years of break in career will be a big concern?

What can I do to improve the chances of getting hired?

By the way I am registered with NEWMEXICo,Is that enough or do I have to register with Arizona nursing board?

Please help me with your replies and suggestions..

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I am very sorry for your dilemma. Many nurses are suffering the same right now. I have new grads from my school that have applied in over 200 places. I believe you can make yourself more marketable by getting ACLS certified, & PALS certified. Also, are you a member of professional nursing organization? Do you do any community service or volunteer work?