Returning RN to ICU (SAHM for 4 yrs)

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Just wondering if there is anyone out there like me who has worked primarily ICU, took time off (over a year at least) and has returned to a different ICU? (Diff hosp or out of state)

Previously, I worked 5 yrs in 3 different ICUs at Level 1 trauma ctrs- (MSICU,CCU and CSICU) then we moved out of state. (1st year was surgical tele floor). When I accepted a position in a PACU (out of state) also found that I was pregnant and later decided when I returned to work once baby older would return closer to home (other reasons but trying to keep short). Since I wasnt committed anywhere had one more child after that! So 3 yrs after pacu (only 6mo there) and 4yrs after ICU, I am now at a smaller hosp med-surg ICU and at the end of my orientation.

I knew it would take a little time to get my 'system' back thus, momentum however its been more frustrating than I thought it would be. First, I thought the acuity would be lower than it is however not sure what I expected, its still an ICU but not at a Level 1 trauma ctr. Being in cardiology helped because you usually only had to know the cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, here its a potpourri of docs! who to call... who to call..

but mostly the stupid stuff you forget when you are with a preceptor! Im telling myself, 'I *know* I am smarter than this...' and they are looking at you like, "does this nurse know what she's doing?!?!?' Then you see the stupid stuff mentioned on your feedback form... like you didnt know, but hey I know, its feedback and they have to do that. Some things pretty much come back like how to do Swan readings, CO, ect and some vent stuff. But so far, thats the only thing Ive been able to impress them with as I am being told repeatedly about organization. That however is better since I have my 'systematic' way of doing things again- (which I only was able to obtain when I had a preceptor who gave me some breathing room!) Also, Ive had like 10 different preceptors so sometimes that is good to have some variation soemtimes not because they dont know what you need to work on...

Anyone out there going through this or precepting a 'returning RN'?

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