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RETS in Centerville, OH

Hello all! I am currently a pharmacy technician who is seriously considering transferring over to the nursing field. I have tried to get information on the RETS school of nursing in Centerville, OH but it has hard narrowing down everything I find. I am basically just looking to find information such as what the school is like and if the job opportunities were good after graduation. Also what the class schedule was like there and types of general education classes I would need to take. Any information would be appreciated Thanks!!!


Hey Sam! I recently graduated from RETS in Centerville this past March. To be honest I would not recommend this school to anyone! The school and staff are so unorganized! Not to mention not being able to keep staff and clinical instructers. My clinical experiences were definately not that great due to the staff of the facilities not liking the instructers, the students suffered! The drama of every class, not just mine is worse than high school. Also the price is ridiculous! Such a rip off! The classes are pretty much Monday through Friday most being 9 hours a day for the full time program. On a good note I take my state boards on May 19th! I'm so glad to be done with that school, and never plan on going back! By the way it's now FORTIS COLLEGE, due to RETS being on provision with the OHIO Board of Nursing! I would recommend checking out Miami Valley CTC, they have classes in Dayton now, and the price is wayyyy less than "RETS".. Sorry to complain so much, I wish I would have been warned! Steph =)

No school in Ohio will except Fortis/Boheckers credits because they are not regionally accrediated, I have experience with this beacause i graduated from the in 2009. When you look them up on the Board of Nursings website all the campuses are either on provisional or conditional status. None of them have ever been on full status. Although Hondros, the other for profit school across the street, is working towards their regionally accredited status and a BSN program as well. They for right now though are not a regionally accredited school. To address the other concerns on the school the tuiton is outrageous, the clinical sites are in Akron, Portsmouth to name a few. For the LPN-RN program you'll be lucky to get into a hospital and if you do the staff will not let you pass meds. My advise go to a local community college and take all your general ed's then transfer to another school. Columbus State just changed their acceptance policy for LPN-RN's to once per year because there were "to many qualified applicants". Try COTC in newark, Clark state in Springfiels, OU in zanesville. THough some programs have a waitlist you hafve to sit on its better than going into debt from a school that has a terrible reputation and not being able to find a job after you graduate.


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