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  1. Help... I need to interview a nurse over 65 for a paper that I have to write.. This is my last big assignment that I have before my pinning on the 28th, I do not have to include names but i have a few questions I need answered and I have a five page paper to write about it.. some include
    What was it like for you in nursing school
    When and what year did you become a nurse, what was happening in the world at that time
    How long did it take you to become a nurse
    How much time was required to work in the hospital for your training
    Where did you get your education, What were your living conditions
    How much did your education cost, how did you pay for it
    What principles and values did your education instill in you
    What is your employment history, what kind of nursing did you primarily work in
    Why did you want to become a nurse
    What was your relationship with the physicians like
    What do you think the rewards of nursing are, and the dissapointments
    What has your experience with male nurses been like
    What advice do you have for me as i graduate
    Health care system then and now
    How do you feel about medicare from a nurse and patient perspective
    what do you do to maintain your health
    Your most memorable experience
    Is there a memory of nursing you wish you could erase
    what can nurses do to impact healthcare system
    One good thing that you were educated in nursing compared to the care you see today

    I know that this is ALOT but that is all the questions and if there is anyone that is willing to help me and let me write a paper on them i would appreciate it beyond belief...
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