Resurrection University Graduates!


Hi everyone! I'm planning on applying to ResU spring 2016 which I know is a year from now but now I feel kind of discouraged having read some of the other threads. So if your in the program or recently graduated from it I would really appreciate it if you could answer some of my questions.

I read somewhere that "you may not even get clinicals. they will make you all around to find your own replacements if they can't staff the sites" whats that about?

I know this is a 16 month accelerated program but i read that the program is teach yourself nursing program. I mean what does that mean? what are the teachers for then. If i wanted self taught i would do it online. Also that ATI tests are incorporated into class tests?

And if you could give me a sample of what your week looks like that would be great like when your classes are, how many days a week, how long they are. ( i hope to apply to the daytime program)

Thanks everyone! I look forward to your answers.


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I am also applying. Good luck to both of us. Do not feel discouraged everyones journey is different.