Respiratory Therapy?!

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Thanks for your answer!

Maybe you are just nervous because it is all still new to you. If you quit now, what will you do? Do you already have another job or career? My suggestion would be to finish the program and see how you feel after you've been working for a while. You might really like it! You have less than a year to go and I'm guessing you already paid quite a bit for the program. Even if you don't like it now, I would highly recommend you finish because you have such little time left. You probably paid quite a bit already. I think it would be foolish to quit after the money and time invested, once you start a job you might feel differently. I would definitely say stick with it or the money and time invested so far will all be for nothing. At least you'll have a career opportunity, even if you don't use it, if you finish your degree.

associates degree at a local community college... I have this semester and next semester left. I have been in clinicals for a few months now!

Well, you've been in clinicals for a few months, but that is still "new" and still different from actually working as an RRT. I still say go on with it and try at least one job once you are done, you never know, you may like it. Do you have any idea what you might want to do instead? Nursing? Dental hygiene? Prereqs for RRT, RN & dental hygiene (at least around here) are pretty much the same so you could apply now for nursing or hygiene programs for next year. Still finish your current program though, that way you could at least work per diem on the side while attending school and make some decent money. Is nursing or hygiene something you'd consider or are you looking for something totally unrelated to health care?

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