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Respiratory Therapy degree offered via the internet...


I'm thinking of finishing my RN up via the internet through the college network. I actually have a cousin who did it, and she passed her RN NCLEX the first time, so I'm really interested in this. I called and set up an interview with a recruiter in my area. While I was on the website I looked over some of the other degrees they offer and they have a Respiratory Therapy degree that you can obtain via the internet. How would something like this work? I mean with no prior education, how would you understand and be prepared to take boards? Do RT's not have clinicals and whatnot?



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From what I understand, by a previous meeting I had with the College Network about doing my RN-BSN online, there are only a handful of classes they offer, and you finish up the rest thru an actual university. You buy very expensive study guides, its all done at your own pace, then you have to pay to take the tests at the testing center. After you have completed your study guides, you recieve credit for them at a college, but you have more courses left to take, and clinicals. And those study guides are expensive. Be careful, do lots of research. I got sucked into buying those study guides and now I have a huge loan I am working on paying off.

education is expensive....who cares how you did it as long as you passed anyway?

it's still less expensive than taking time off of work to sit in a classroom for 2 years.....you pay for the convenience....that, right there is worth it to me. especially since i have kids.

The RPT program is through Independence Univ., formerly the California College of Health Science. you do your clincial hours by shadowing a RRT. you learn how to do it online and then go and do it at the clinical hours.

call The College network or the school and find out how it works. you aren't obligated to start a program just by calling asking. if you don't want an appointment with a local rep, ask to speak with an advisor over the phone. TCN has advisors on staff for immediate answers.

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