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Resign after only a month, or possibly juggle two jobs?

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First, I will give as brief explanation as I can. I'm a new RN graduate, and told to apply everywhere. Still being bilingual and having 4 years hospital job experience I told myself I wouldn't get ANY job, rather be patient and apply to those I thought would be a good fit. Some time with no calls, my "good fit" expanded some. I applied to many jobs & received a call then an interview, and a job offer for a acute rehab department (company A). It seemed like a good fit but the first two weeks proved to be something else. The patient to nurse ratio is high specially because these are acute rehab patients. Most of the documentation is written rather than computerized, which poses many risks for mistakes. The nurses do the best they can but look flustered almost all the time. Many things don't get done as is expected due to the workload and the shifts blame each other.

Im into a month orientation now, working nights. I don't enjoy my job, but I don't exactly hate it. I like fast passed environments and I like having patients who need frequent assessment and education. However, most of these things don't get done with the ratios being so high you only have time to barely do the med pass. It has come to the point that the nurses are pulled and me the orientee is left with 15 patients for myself while they take care of others, which one month into orientation is fine... I suppose, after all they are only moments away if I have a question. The problem is that I can already see that this will happen once I'm ready and we will be left with 30 patients like they are often left with. In my mind and with a hospital background I see so many mistakes and risks. I want to provide the best service possible and don't want to risk my license obviously. At the same time this is why there are 5 new nurses training and they are switching to electronic, this will help in the future.

I continued with interviews and was offered a position with a magnet status company (company B). I was able to shadow one day and there are things I love about the position. What I value the most is that things are done in a much more orderly and safe fashion. The nurses were great and I got the sence that they were a great team and had a good environment. The only downside is that it's not "critical care" which I don't enjoy as much, also the pay is significantly lower which was a surprise in a way since the company is prestigious(but I do not mind, I'd rather a good environment and opportunity for growth). However I like the environment, the people, the benefits, the education that is given in triage, also I can see myself grow for this company. There is opportunity for advancement. I got the offer letter and I just signed it.

Company A and B are both only 15 min drive. Company A has been flexible with my schedule and the staff has been nice through out the month I have been there. The nurses are good it's the staff ratio that has them frazzled. I feel an obligation to stay and make it better but at the same time I want to do the best for me. Company B offers the best schedule for my family and so far they have proven their professionalism. The position for them is part time yet their benefits are better still than Company A.

I want to commit to Company B but help company A around my new upcoming schedule.

I feel an obligation to help company A, and also know that things are getting better there. Question is How do I do this? Meaning how do I talk to my current supervisor and explain that I have accepted a new company because it better suits me but that I want to help part time rather than the full time I accepted. Is this appropriate to say? Or what is the most appropriate way to say this. If company A decides to let me go, I have decided that it is okay I am committed to B, but the extra hours would be good.

Thank you in advance!


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