Residental Congregate Living Health Facility


I worked for a residential treatment program that was licensed by CHLF in California. This is my first job as an RN, there are questions that I have and I am hoping someone can clarify.

We have "6 beds or fewer" and classified as CHLF Part B. Do we need licensed nursing staff on duty at all time or RNs when needed? DON? If it's only RN's as needed (6 beds or fewer), basically, why does the CHLF regulations state that medications can only be administered by licensed nursing staff?

THis company did the Pill ID, done by licensed staff and then "observed" medications.... BEFORE the med's were reconciled. What's the point in "observing" when you have licensed staff and it is going against the CHLF regulation stating licensed staff are to administer?

We were never given a CHLF consultant to make sure we are abiding by the licensing regulations. I felt so uncomfortable with this position, I had to resign. They ignored my pleads about finding the answers I was requesting regarding who can administer meds and administering without an MDs order. THe company swears do not administer, we observe. Why do we have a DON and licensed nursing staff then??

Anyone familiar with this? HELP?

I'm not familiar with CLHF, but the setup sounds similar to assisted living facilities. I found the regulations for CA for CLHF:

California Health and Safety Code Section 1267.13 - California Attorney Resources - California Laws

It says LPN or RN at all times and RN at least 8 hours 5 days a week, again very similar to ALF. In terms of medication administration, it may not have to be nurses who do medication administration because it is not actually administration, but rather observation. In Georgia I was able to work as a certified medication aide under the license of the RN at the ALF. I'm not sure what the regulations in California are, however. Would love to hear if others have more knowledge about this area.