Residency or IHS for a new grad?

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I just graduated nursing school and I have 45k to pay back. I want these loans gone ASAP, and I caught wind of loan repayment for IHS. Briefly looking at the jobs posted, they seem like pretty independent nursing jobs. My university hospital offers residencies where they slowly ease you in to the full 4-5 patients.

It seems smarter from a practice perspective to go slower as a new grad. I definitely don't feel like I could take on 4 patients and do a good job. But the idea of loan repayment through IHS seems like a really good idea too. I don't know what it's like to be thrown into an IHS job when you're brand new- do people adapt quickly or is it too much? Do they acommodate new graduates with their starting skill level?

Any pearls of wisdom I'll happily take.

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