Time to Plan Ahead for the 17th International Nursing Research Congress

  1. Advancing Knowledge and Community Globally Through Collaboration

    July 20-22, 2006; Le Centre Sheraton Montréal; Québec, Canada

    Submission Deadline: 15 December 2005

    Sigma Theta Tau International's research priorities are as follows: promotion of healthy communities through health promotion, disease prevention and recognition of social, economic and political determinants; implementation of evidence-based practice; targeting the needs of vulnerable populations such as the chronically ill and poor; and capacity development for research by nurses.

    Suggested Topics for Submission:

    Acute Care
    Advanced Nursing Practice
    Aging and Health
    Cancer Care
    Children and Adolescents Health
    Chronic Illness
    Community/Home/Public Health
    Complementary/Alternative Health Practices
    Critical Care
    Culturally Diversity
    End-of-Life/Palliative Care
    Evidence-Based Nursing Implementation/Research Utilization/Translation Research
    Family Health
    Forensic Nursing
    Global Collaboration
    Health Policy
    Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
    Healthcare Disparities & Indigenous People's Health
    HIV/AIDS and Infectious Diseases
    Measurement/Instrument Development
    Men's Health
    Nursing Administration/Nursing Leadership
    Nursing Education
    Nursing History
    Nursing Workforce
    Outcomes Measurement
    Primary Care
    Psychiatric Mental Health for Child/Adolescent
    Psychiatric/Mental Health for Adults
    Theoretical/Methodological Issues
    Women's Health

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