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    Just wondering if there are any hospitals/institutions that will hire new graduate research nurses? (or for that matter new graduate researchers in general) Also, what are the best research institutions to work for? I know the NIH is one of them. Thanks for the help!!
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  3. by   anc33
    Most likely no. When you are hired into a new research position in general it is because you either have a good handle on the disease processes involved (or just broad knowledge if you are it is general med) or because you have a solid research background. That being said, the NIH clinical center is one place where they do hire new grads, BSNs mostly. They have a very structured training program where you start out doing patient care and, as you work your way up the ladder, eventually move into more administrative roles. Clinical experience, whether that is hospital or clinic based, is invaluable to coordinators. Really prior experience along with a solid understanding of research design is what separates good and great coordinators. As for what type of research organization is best... that depends on your career aspirations. My advice is to find an area of nursing you really love. Get 1-2 years or more of hands on patient care experience preferably in a hospital/organization that has an active research program. Network with MDs and research staff. If they know you are interested in becoming a coordinator you may be one of the first people they go to when a position opens up.
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    Thank you so much for your reply!