How do I break into Clinical Research?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am an RN with 3 years experience (1.5 yrs in Oncology and 1.5 years in ER nursing). Since working in the ER, I have become very interested in Mental Health Nursing, in particular Clinical Research Nursing in this area. The thing is, I'm really not sure how to get a job as a Clinical Research Nurse. The few jobs that I do see advertised, want you to have research experience. I would be happy getting a job as a CRN in any area, to gain experience.

    Does anyone have any tips regarding regarding how I can get a job as a Clinical Research Nurse, or whether there are any courses / certificate programs I can take, or books that I can read that may prepare me better with my search.

    Thanks for listening! Any help is appreciated :)
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  3. by   mommyonamission
    I'm not sure if you're still interested in any responses since you posted months ago, but my two cents is that you are prepped and ready to enter into research. I think going into a research coordinator, clinical research coordinator or clinical research associate (CRA) route would be most ideal for you and eventually something, especially with your at least 1 year of clinical experience, will bite. I have worked with all those folks before so I have seen your brand of experience in each of them time and time again. You'll probably have even more luck if you're willing to travel and/or relocate. Good luck! (or maybe you don't need it because you already found something by now
  4. by   mommyonamission
    Oh BTW, for anyone interested in breaking into research with a nursing background, look into academic environments and clinical research organizations (CROs) first as they often hire people with no prior research experience HOWEVER have the education, intellect, drive and motivation to enter into research.