Hospital Based Reseach Centers

  1. I currently work in the ICU (over a year) but have been trying to get into the research field (pre-nursing I worked 3 years as a research assistant in animal research). I have been trying to make contacts with my hospital system's research institute, but its been difficult. I was wondering if anybody here worked/has worked as a research nurse at a hospital and how it differed from academic or industry/private clinical research.

    Any info is always greatly appreciated.
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    Hey! I was wondering if anybody had anything to add to my original post from way back when. I have been working hard in the ICU but keeping an eye on research positions in my area. Amazingly, I discovered one available at my hospital, and I might be able to get an interview. Unfortunately I have not been able to shadow any hospital based research coordinators/research nurses and have had to place researching research on the backburner, so I still don't have an answer to my original question.

    Thanks for any info.

    FYI the position is in transplant research
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    There isn't a whole lot of difference, just where the money comes from. Some facilities court industry heavily (drug/device studies proposed by manufacturers), some are primarily investigator initiated (grants). Your overall function will fall into one, or a combination of the following:

    1) Administrative/Regulatory- formualting, proofing and negotiating the budget, contract, grant proposal, Informed Consent/HIPPA.
    2) Participant management- enrollment, administration of study products/procedures, rating scales and evaluations, labs, etc..

    Different facilities and companies delegate these responsibilities in different ways. Feel free to email me, if you wish- rcox1 AT ouhsc DOT edu