Anyone work for Sarah Cannon Research Institute?

  1. Does anyone work for or know anyone who works for SCRI? I am an ICU RN who is wanting to go into research. The more I read about the job, the more I feel it is an "exact fit" for me. I live in Southern Indiana and have been seeking a job as a Research Nurse but I have been unable to find anything locally. I am not completely opposed to relocating although It means my husband and I would have to move our 3 young children away from their grandparents. It also wouldn't be easy or cheap to move a family of 5. I've noticed that SCRI in Nashville, TN is hiring at least 1 Research Nurse and they advertise that they offer competitive salary and relocation assistance. From what I've read, they seem to be a huge organization so if I miss this chance to apply for this job I'm sure another one will become available. If I'm going to uproot my family, I want to know if this research institute is worth it. Do they treat their employees well? Do they have good benefits? Do they truly offer a competitive salary? Maybe my chance of getting a research position with them is 1 in a million but I would like to think I could offer them everything they want in a Research Nurse and more. Any thoughts or answers to my questions would be appreciated.
    Also does anyone know how difficult or not so difficult it may be to get my TN license? Thanks in advance, Elizabeth138
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