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I am just wondering if any RN's out there could give me some info about their jobs involving research. I have heard of BSN/RN's working in the field of research, but would like to know more about it... Read More

  1. by   CHIRN
    I was in neurolgy research for about 3 years...we did acute stroke studies. I got tons of respect and was treated as an absolute equal. Then I decided to change the world and become a critical care what a different view. I don't see myself leaving, however. For all the "crap" I endure, it still makes my day to see someone leave that unit alive.

    BTW, no insults to research nurses intended. We all play our own parts. Kudos to you guys. As for me, what do the teenie-boppers say these days?....

    "Bring it on!!!" :angryfire
  2. by   Mais-Rose
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    Hi there. To find a teaching university, your best bet would be to find a university that is affiliated with a medical school. My certification is Certified Clinical Research Coordinator. You have to take a test, but to be eligible to sit for the exam you must have 2 years of research experience as a RN. You don't have to have the certification to obtain the position, though. This website might be helpful to you:

    It is nice having a "normal working hours" job. The pay probably varies by location but in general it is a bit less than what staff nurses make. The good thing is that these positions are usually salaried, and there is no "clocking" in and out. You get paid for the work you do, not your time. There are occaisons where I have worked overtime due to a long study visit, but there are so many times that I come in early/leave early when I need to and not penalized for it. I can attend many educational activities on my workday time, as well get free CEU's and paid trips to investigator meetings. It's not too bad at all!

    You know, I have thought about research nursing as an option as well. I really did not know much about it, or whether it was a feasible line of work. Please tell me more. For instance how to get started. Thanks.