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Requirments for the Navy Nurses Candadite Prigram?

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I want to dothe NNCP when I'm a junior in college. What are the PT requirments(pushups, situps, running distance). Also as long as I have a 3.0 GPA and pass the physical should I get in? Is a 3.2 goos enough to get in? I understand the minimum is 3.0 but wondering if as long as you have the 3.0 you will get in or not.

all information is from an email i recently received from a health professions recruiter regarding the navy ncp:

-you get a $10,000 entry bonus (paid in two $5,000 installments- 1 at beginning of program, 1 6mo later), $1,000/mo for up to 24 months)

-if you're in the program for 0-12mo, you are obligated to 4 years of active duty service, 4 years individual ready reserve (irr).

-if you're in the program for 13mo-24mo, you are obligated to 5 years active duty service, 3 years individual ready reserve.

- once you pass your nclex, you will go to officer development school in newport, rhode island for 5 weeks, then sent to your first duty station.

other requirements:

-u.s. citizen

-18-42 yrs old by time you finish school

-enrolled in full time accredited bsn program (non-online)

-within 24 months of completing bsn

-gpa of 3.0+ of 4.0

-full time student

-physical requirements: female [color=#333333]female physical readiness test standards)male male prt standards

hope this helps :)

I would recommend keeping your GPA as high as possible and contacting a healthcare recruiter as soon as you have your acceptance into the nursing program. It is competitive and once the slots are filled, that's it. You don't have to be able to pass any PT requirements prior to being accepted, but you do need to be within the weight requirements. If it is something you want, definitely go for it!