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Hello everyone!

I had a question regarding career choices...

I am currently an EMT, soon to be LVN/LPN once I take the boards, and will eventually get my RN (hopefully BSN).

I am curious as to what careers I might have in the sports or entertainment world. Or where I can look specifically. Most arenas contract through outside employers, but I am interested in being on the medical team in some sort for either a sports team or for some sort of entertainment show.

I saw things about traveling nurses on a discovery thing a few years ago about nurses/medical team that travels with a performer. I am very interested in finding more out so I can mix my 2 passions: healthcare and entertainment/sports. Just need to know of any connections or requirements that I need.

P.S. I do live in SoCal

Thank you in advance for any help!



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I would contact specific sports teams and studios directly. I think there may be union issues for film set medics. I was a hairstylist in L.A., and although I did work on a few small cable network TV shows, there are huge barriers to get into network TV or major film studio work. You basically have to know someone who is willing to hire a non-union person, then the union will consider letting you join once you have worked for 30 days in a 90 day period or something like that.

I am not sure if nurses/medics have a similar union, but a google search should tell you. Good luck. The one thing I learned about working in entertainment, is that is has very little to do with your skills or talent, more in your networking and who do you know, ad who remembers you. I remember once someone hired me because he heard I was 'fun', not because he heard I was good. That world is not logical AT ALL. Good luck, though, it can be very exciting (and fun to see your name in credits, too)!

I say start by calling the teams' business offices...I hope you get the chance to meet some of your heroes!


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Thank you so much!

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