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I take repro next and have been searching this site but have found there are not a whole lot of posts on it compared to the other exams. Is there anyone out there who has taken this exam and would be will to share any advice or tips, practice exam scores, real exam scores, length of study time, etc?

I also wonder if this test is easier for people who have had children and have experienced the hospital setting and been through the assessments? I remember maternal nursing from LPN school and the women in the class who have had children seemed like they had a very good background. I haven't had any experience like this so i am quite nervous.

I am taking this next week and it's just not catching my interest lol. Not my cup of tea. But I have found the material easy to get through as I have had 3 children, 1 that died of SIDS which made them treat me as high risk on my sub child and then have had a few miscarriages and 2 ectopic pregnancys (for which we had tried to become pregnant for 2 years) so I know a lot about the the cycle and what hormones help with certain things. I would definitely say that my life experiences have given me a head start on this class but to put it all in the nursing process is what I am worried about. Sometimes when you have a lot of life experience in a certain area it can make you over think the answers. Like I catch my self thinking how I felt instead of thinking as a nurse. Good luck to you!

I think that experience will definitely help you! I'm sure all of the terms at least sound familiar.. Good luck!

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