Repeating Pre-Reqs


Hello, everyone.

I am a pre-nursing student currently repeating my pre-reqs in order to be more competitive for nursing school.

I have seen that many other students here who visit this website have repeated pre-reqs and have been accepted..

so I was wondering who have gotten into nursing school after repeating their pre-reqs..?

and what course it was and what school they have been accepted to...?

This will greatly help me in raising my confidence a little bit because I am really (I mean really...)afraid that even after making all A's in my pre-reqs, I will not get into nursing school because I had to repeat the courses in order to get A.

I have taken my pre-req classes at University but made Cs the first time around...

I am now retaking science courses at Houston community College and making A's in all of my tests and assignments. (ANPI, ANPII, MICROBIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY I, PSYCHOLOGY I, LIfe and Growth)

I really want to apply to BSN program at University of Texas at Houston and Texas Women University...

Do anybody know and can tell me if I stand a chance in getting into these programs???

(I have also taken H2 exam for Texas Christian University before and I have gotten..

93% Reading Comprehension

88% Chemistry

84% Grammar

88% Math

92% Biology

64% ANP

I am going to retake the Hesi exam and will try to get over 95% on all of them..

Please... can anybody answer my questions..?

I will greatly appreciate it..


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Please... can anybody answer my questions..?
Your most reliable sources of information are the programs themselves. Call 'em up and see what they say.
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