Renew Expired CNA License


Has anyone ever renewed and expired CNA License before? I took the class nearly three years ago. Did CNA work for about 6 months before I got a job in my degree field as a Special Education teacher. I have been out of a job for a year now. Long story short I quit my job at the end of the 2010 school year so that I could find a job closer to home. (My job was a 2 hour commute away and I could not leave my daughter in daycare that long not to mention it is not allowed)

Anyways I am from Wisconsin, so I think all I have to do to get my license renewed is retake the written and the skills test. Has anyone done this before? How likely am I to pass it as I not have done any CNA work for at least three years? Have any tips to help me pass?

I am sure I can pass the written exam. I have taken some example assessments online and have always passed them no problem. I am worried about the skills portion though.