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I have 1 class left before I graduate in December with my ASN and my husband has already been relocated to the Huntsville area with his job. I am a little nervous about finding a job due to the economy. I have experience as a PCT in ICU and IMCU, and this is the area I really really want to work in. I know that finding a job has a lot to do with networking, but I don't know a soul in the Huntsville area. I can provide several letters of reference, but I was wondering if there was any way to do a preceptorship at HH even though I am not in school in that region. I know that a preceptorship at HH would better my chances of getting a job in the ICU or IMCU. I have already contacted the nurse recruiter about what to prepare for in the application process, and she made me feel like I was insane for calling 5 months before graduation. She told me to start applying in October. Can anyone help me with preceptorship information?

Thanks in advance!!!!!

Just curious where you are relocating from?


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I'm relocating from Leesburg, GA (Albany, GA is the closest large city).

For some reason I guessed that you were moving to Huntsville from outside the region. My brother and sister-in law lived there for years, my in-laws live very near there (it's the largest "city" close to them). I've found Huntsville to be a nice small city/large town. There are only a handful of hospitals....plans were to build a new hospital in Madison (growing area outside of Huntsville) but not sure with the economy if those plans have been placed on hold or not. I've heard from various sources that there is a hiring freeze at Huntsville Hospital. Depending on exactly where you will be living, you might want to branch out to the smaller community hospitals within commuting distance (Decatur, Athens, Albertville/Guntersville, etc) or try LTC. North Alabama is beautiful and I think you'll really like it there, especially if you can locate a good position! Best of luck to you

There is a freeze at Huntsville Hospital, but they are still hiring as needed. Crestwood I haven't heard anything about. There are still lots of jobs here though as RNs. And don't let that other poster scare you - it is not deliverance country! I am from New York and believe me, there are just as many rednecks there!

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