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Hi All,

I have just received my license by endorsement last Friday :lol2:and am ready to start looking for work. A bit of my history... I am currently in Ohio (my state of origin) and I have been working as a OR nurse for the past 8 months (new grad). I really don't like the OR and would like to change to ICU, L&D, or MedSurg. The reason for my move is I have a grandmother in GA who is aging, as we all are, and I would like to move closer to her assist in her health care needs.

:confused:So my question is do I have a shot at getting a job in one of those fields now even though all I have is 8 months experience? Or should I stick in the OR a little while longer then transfer? What's the best places to work?

Don't be shy let me know what my chances are... And as always thank you in advance for all of your thoughts.

PS... I will be relocating to the Warner Robins, Macon, Perry area (I'm not picky):nurse:

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I'm not from around that area, so I can't give you suggestions of hospitals in that area, although I can tell you the job market in the Atl area is a little better than some areas in the US, but I still wouldn't say its fantastic.

I would suggest looking at the area and trying to see which hospital would might want to work at, and apply to everything you are interested in, even OR. See what you get offered! Worse case, you do OR for a little whole longer and try to transfer, best case is the nurse recruiter gives you a shot and puts your application out there for different departments. But, if you get even a phone interview, I would say, 'I enjoy the OR, but I'm really open to anything but ____. I enjoy surgery but really miss patient care. Do you think there is a department in your facility I would fit well in?'

Just give it a shot. Put yourself put there and see what happens. :)


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Thanks for the advice... I enjoy the surgeries but like you said, I really miss patient interaction. So I will just keep looking...!