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Relocating to Cincinnati

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Hello all!

My husband has taken a job in Cincinnati. He is suppose to start in late December, so we only have a short amount of time to move and for me to find a job. I currently work as a RN in a SICU in Indianapolis. I started there as a new grad- 18 months ago. I would LOVE your opinions on nursing in Cincinnati. Especially in terms of quality hospital systems, pay, benefits, etc. Any information will be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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I don't graduate till January but I've worked in 2 of our major hospital systems so far, and did the majority of clinicals in another.

Trihealth is excellent - Good Sam and Bethesda North. I love BNorth! My aunt worked at Good Sam and loved it. I can't vouch for the benefits but classmates that work there are happy with them.

If you want peds, find a way to get into CCHMC. That's where I work currently as a PCA. Benefits are great, although I'm hearing RN pay is slightly lower than the other hospitals. Probably because it's worth the slight pay cut just to work here. New grads/hires start at $20-22, depending on the department. Shift diff is $4.The only downside is it can take a while to get hired. We're Magnet so if you don't have your BSN that could be a problem.

University - I know there will be some boos here, but I think it's one of the best teaching hospitals in the city (which is saying something around here.) I have another aunt that spent her entire career there and she loved it. I can't comment on current benefits because I'm not sure what's changed since the Health Alliance dissolved. If it's about the same as when I worked there (about 18 months ago) then they are decent. Health/dental/vision insurance is very affordable. Prescription coverage wasn't so great, but copays and whatnot were about average.

Christ is awesome but they have their own nursing school and not very many openings. Keep an eye on the HR site because the openings come and go in waves. It's also Magnet.

The Mercy system is opening up a new facility on the west side of town in 2012, I believe. Mercy Western Hills and Mt Airy will be closed and combined in the new place. If you're looking longterm, it might be worth it to deal with the older facilities so you can transfer to the shiny new one.

Drake....well. I will say they do great things at this place, but politics and budget problems don't make it a very healthy place to work. Layoffs are a constant threat, and until they find a buyer that can turn things around I don't see it improving. That was my first experience in health care and....yeah.

There's also St. Elizabeth's, in northern KY. If you're in a compact state that could be an option. I can't offer an opinion either way because I've never stepped foot inside it :)

I hope the weather cooperates with your move =) And hope this helps a little!


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University is an awesome place to work if you like being challenged. The SICU is like high school (cliques and favorites) but has great cases. The Neuro ICU is great, although the nurses can be a little cold at first and to rookies until they get some time in. The MICU is VERY friendly (and until recently my home). Nice people, GREAT teamwork and lots of fun while handling very sick people. The hospital is very political, union is not very effective so if you have aspirations to do much more than be a staff nurse I suggest looking elsewhere. They have aspirations of being a Magnet facility and its not gonna happen anytime soon.

I currently work at St. E in NKY (15min from Cincy) and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Magnet facility, friendly people and great to its employees at work and with benefits. There seems to be adequate help for nurses (PCA's and techs) and teamwork is the theme throughout. Gainsharing is another bonus. They are making a big push for all nurses to get BSN's and MSN's and wholly support that effort through modified schedules and use of hospital resources.

I hear Good Sam is good to its RN's (Trihealth as a corporation is good) as is Christ Hospital.

Hope this helps...GOOD LUCK AND WELCOME!!!!:nurse: