Relocating to Chicago, any insight on Lurie Children’s ICUs?


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Hi all,

I am relocating from a top children’s hospital in the northeast to Chicago. I have 2+ years in PICU, am trained in ECMO/CRRT/PD/HFOV etc and am a preceptor. I definitely want to stay in intensive care pediatrics but am open to new units like NICU or CVICU too. From my research it seems Lurie Children’s is the place to be, but I am wondering what the unit/hospital culture is like on the ICU units. I know they just opened an intermediate care unit to help alleviate the PICU, and was wondering how nurses feel about that transition? Also their cardiac unit is transitory, meaning the patient doesn’t get transferred, they stay in the same room with the same team until discharge. As ICU nurses, how do you feel about this? Also how competitive is it to get an ICU job at Lurie’s? I know they are big on hiring new graduates. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated, thanks!