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    Has anyone ever been rejected from a travel nursing agency because you have been away from bedside nursing more than a year? I was told by a travel nurse agency recruiter that because I've been away from bedside nursing more than a year I couldn't be considered for the position. That I couldn't be away from bedside nursing for more then a year to be a travel nurse. Even though I have 23 years of experience as a nurse, and only been retired for 3 years. Has anyone experienced this, or have any knowledge of this to being true or not for travel nursing? Please advise thank you! 

I've heard of the requirement (one year away from the bedside eliminates consideration for a travel contract.) In fact, I've heard that a year away from the hospital bedside is a deal breaker for ANY future acute care nursing positions.

Hospitals come up with this BS because they are ageist. They discriminate against seasoned nurses in employment as they realize such discrimination is most likely illegal, but they do so anyway and with impunity.

The travel agencies go along with all this because, they know which side their bread is buttered on. 

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Right I agree with you! I think I'll just stay in retirement LOL LOL lmbo! Thanks for your comment ?? ? 

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