What is some of the latest on nursing care for SCI patient?

  1. Hi, I'm working on an assignment. I haven't been able to find anything on the Web to answer this question specifically. I'm hoping I might have some imput from you as experts in this field. Thanks
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  3. by   csiln
    I just started on a SCI unit and was given this website for info. spinalcord.uab.edu.
  4. by   mel1977
    what kind of information are you looking for?

    We do closed system urinary devices-we do not go from leg bag to bed bag and back again. If the bag is changed, the whole foley is changed. This is house wide as well, seems to decrease the number of nosocomial inf.
    Never place on baxter pads/cloth pads
    podus boots are a must if they have them
    turning is a must
    repositioning/monitoring skin/Bowel programs are a BIG DEAL/foley management/ etc to prevent dysreflexia
    am I on the right track????
    let me know
  5. by   JMinCO
    Mel, You were right on track! Thanks, I've already completed my assignment but interesting info and thanks for making this a productive thread. JM
  6. by   RedWeasel
    this is interesting. Our educator asked me to go to the aides mtg and discuss SCIs, I have an outline but of course I am still at a loss what to focus on. (Heels, WHOs, ROM, auto dys, bowels, turning, whento get nurse, too tight clothes -auto dys again, foleys, neck braces for new injuries, etc.) I guess I will just have to narrow it down and the rest put in a flyer for them to read later-