Role of the Patient Care Assistant in Documentation of FIM scores

  1. I am interested in learning how other facilities deal with FIM score documentation, more specifically documentation that supports the actual score. I work at an inpatient rehab facility located within a community hospital. We employ RNs, LPNs and PCAs (patient care assistants). The PCAs provide most of the direct, hands - on patient care and their input is vital to the accurate documentation of ADL & Bowel and Bladder FIM scores. To what degree do other facilities allow their nurse assistants or PCAs to document? Does anyone utilize the FIM flowsheet developed by UDSmr? If so, in what capacity? I would appreciate any input re: this issue. Thanks!
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  3. by   mel1977
    We have two sheets. One has more detailed info that is easy scoring/documentation for the techs and anyone who is not fim certified doing any direct patient care. Then, we have the actual FIM sheet that the fim certified nurses fill out-they put scores on that one based on what was documented on the FIM flowsheet. we are just implementing this at our facility-You know how people respond to change and more documenting. I don't think some of our aids understand the importance of the FIMS with direct correlation to our PAYCHECKS! I'll try to remember to check back in and let ya know how it is going.
  4. by   takenbyjoy
    We haven't tried the UDS flow sheet yet, but may in the near future. We are looking at a DAR (daily activity record) for ALL nursing documentation that is based on FIM. The basis for it is one developed by Touro (sp?) Infirmary in New Orleans. Hopefully it will take the place of about 3 other forms we currently use that do not reflect rehab. Currently our nursing assistants do not FIM, but initially I had several of them come through the initial FIM class and we actually had them take the FIM credentially exam. They did better on it than some of the licensed staff. We have a unit secretary that will correct the RNs when they are trying to FIM somebody..... . We will also be implementing the new CNA exam shortly. Then we'll see how they all do at scoring!!!